About Lea Karbusicky

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
— Carl Jung

In each of our lives we experience the natural ups and downs of our existence and I’ve come to learn it’s about using these to your advantage so you can send yourself soaring. I myself have been through a great deal of trauma and have managed to find my way out and into a life of great abundance. At the beginning I found myself stuck in the darkness, drifting through life for a long time until my capacity to handle it all got increasingly worse. I constantly questioned - what was the purpose to life and why was this happening to ME? I eventually started to dig myself out of this hole and see the light of what life was truly about. Nothing was being done to me, life was happening and the way I chose to perceive things altered the way I interacted everyday. As difficult as the situations were, they had great significance to who I am and who I will become. I learned to flip my perspective and come to a place where I could embrace every moment, no matter how challenging and toxic the events were to my well-being. My life evolved so that I could get ready to level up and I finally accept and take on this beautiful challenge. I have experienced a ton of big leaps resulting in massive success as well as spectacular failure along the way and today I find myself wanting to inspire others, be their rock and help them along their path so that they too may rise above and beyond.

Currently I am living around the globe experiencing life to the fullest. I am so grateful for the everyday and I hope to push my limits, experience as much as I can and walk into the future fearlessly. I am a free spirit, a wanderer and someone that loves to explore what is beyond possible. I am a master at uncaged living, life is an adventure, full of exciting possibilities and I want to help you see them with your own eyes. We are elevated by incredible kindness, luck and successes and we are confronted with inevitable challenges and hurdles that cause us to lose momentum and lose sight of exactly what it is that serves us. What helps is to see the world in a positive light thereby allowing us the motivation and power to achieve our deepest desires. Transformational coaching is about reclaiming your confidence, re-establishing your goals and re-embracing your capacity for greatness. Together, we will work to help you become the person you truly wish to be.

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