“I very much enjoyed my coaching sessions! I came in a bit hesitant, but after a few minutes Lea put me at ease and told me how the session would work. From that point onwards I felt relaxed and never once felt like I was speaking to a coach, but more to an old friend. I found Lea very easy to talk to, as she was able to relate to what issues I was having in my life. She was a great listener, and very empathetic to my problems. Then through talking to me about my issues, we figured out the underlying root of them, and she suggested some workable action steps to help me in these situations. From that point on, I was very eager to tackle my problems as she had given me the confidence to overcome what was holding me back in life. I think Lea is incredible as a life coach. She has all the traits, which is required for someone to excel in this field. She showcases Sincerity, Empathy, Compassion, Knowledge, and Positivity. She is an excellent conversationalist and I felt very comfortable speaking to her. Trust is not something easily built, and I felt she built strong trust between us. I came into this session unsure, and she left me with all the confidence and motivation to tackle on the world.”

- Rishi

“I found Lea able to hold space and help me feel more grounded about my focus.”

- Catherine

“There was so much discussed and I left with strong confidence in what I need to do to discover my path and attain my goals. Lea was amazing at pulling ideas out of my head that had already been there but I just never really put it all together; ideas that I didn’t actually realize until our session I could use to my advantage to build my resume/use to build future opportunities. She was able to spark a motivation in me. I am so excited to have her involved in this journey.”

- Sarah

“Lea was great; She listened really well and then when she did speak she did so in a way which enabled me to find my own solutions to issues and I came away from the session feeling renewed and motivated. Just the process of being able to speak freely and be given the space and time to do that was really useful. Having the space to talk through issues which I've felt "stuck" with for some time now and having a new perspective on them was helpful. I came away with some very tangible, practical things I could put into place and I'm already feeling the benefit of those on my overall happiness and stress levels. Lea has a very calming presence and I really enjoyed our session. I'm very grateful for this opportunity to work with Lea. I think she has a natural talent for this type of work and I would happily recommend her to others in the future.”

- Kirsty